Company Profile

NS Apostolopoulos Insurance Brokers and Consultants Ltd

The company was created in 2006 to service a very specific clientele emerging from the Marine industry that required its non-Marine assets to be as covered as well as their Marine assets. Since then, the Company has expanded significantly, mainly focusing on Corporate insurances, and specialised Liability insurances. The company is a fully licensed Greek broking company involved in primary Greek Insurance interests and covers.

The Company has grown smoothly and consistently every year, increasing its non-marine portfolio into areas such as Property, Automotive, Health, Construction, Energy, and small vessels/boats. It currently has a great deal of business placed with the most reputable Greek insurance companies and most of the Lloyd’s of London cover holders operating in Greece.

The choice of cooperative insurance companies, shows the attention to detail adopted from our long standing relationship with the Lloyd’s market in Marine matters. Therefore, we afford our clients with a little peace of mind, in that their risks are being covered by the most reputable and highly accredited insurers in the Greek and foreign markets.

The company’s principals will go to no end to be able to cover their client’s respective needs in the area of insurance and risk assessment, offering advice and consult where requested. To this end we are close consultants to many of the Marine Shipping Banks in Greece with a great deal of knowledge and skill in the risk assessment that is associated with the lending of these banks and the insurance covers surrounding the mortgages that are contracted.